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April 8
Happy Easter!

The empty tomb, the Resurrection: the beginning of a dangerous faith
David Timbs

Seeing the resurrection
Fr Tim Williams CM
Vincentian News)

Bishop Bill Morris affair:
ABC radio interview
 with Fr Frank Brennan

Christians urged to wear Cross
Cardinal Keith O'Brien 

Can we believe in love?
Easter's essential role
Joel Hodge (ABC)

An Easter miracle:
children who know Bible
John Elder (The Age)

1,000,000 Christians hidden in Arabia
Vatican Insider

V2 Reflection 105
Don't turn your back on world

Bible plan:
April 8
Readings of Easter Sunday

John W's Daily Blog: April 8
 When did Paradise shut down?

Easter Monday
April 9

Being responsible people
Brian Lewis
In the modern context, responsibility means more  than freedom & knowledge

Irish priest under investigation
Irish Examiner

Ireland: silenced priest receives global support
Irish Examiner

Ireland: Reality Magazine

Another lot of new cardinals?
Vatican Insider
Present group "well balanced"?

V2 Reflection 106

Church should be 
where people are hurting

Bible plan: April 9
Readings of Easter Monday 

John W's Daily Blog: April 9 

Easter Sunday night photos 

Easter Tuesday
April 10

Don't Do It
Eric Hodgens

Response to Pope's Chrism homily
We are Church (UK)

- full homily, see menu of April 7
NY Times report of Chrism homily

Pope's Easter homily
Vatican Insider

Pope's Easter message to world
Vatican Insider

Asian followers give life to churches
Barney Swartz

Dear Joe: open letter to Pope
Leonard Swidler

V2 Reflection 107
Helping people think
 about the meaning of life

Bible plan: April 10
Readings of Easter Tuesday 

John W's Daily Blog:
April 10
Petrina's Funeral Mass

April 4

A mirror of God's love
Hazel of Old Windsor

Same-sex marriage
Brian Lewis

Australia: Catholic parish ministry facing disaster (updated)
Peter Wilkinson

Archbishop Mark Coleridge
Courier Mail
- see comments

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March 2012 report
Largest no. of hits are from USA,
then Germany, Australia, Serbia! (?)

V2 Reflection 101
Be careful of "reform of the reform" 
people getting control of your music!

Bible plan: April 4
Wednesday of Holy Week readings

John W's Daily Blog: April 4
"Spy Wednesday" & Ching Ming

Thursday April 5

Have you seen these?
The Last Supper in sand
Last Supper apostles = poor children

Jesus ends guilt and self-loathing
David Timbs (CathNews)

Jesus' last words provide non-violent inspiration on Good Friday
John Dear  (NCR)

Women after dialogue
Bishop Vincent Malone (PR)

Australia: new stats reveal priesthood and participation crisis is deepening 
Peter Wilkinson (Catholica)

Senate submission on gay marriage
Cardinal George Pell

Vatican knows where missing girl is?
Vatican Insider

Vienna: gay man on parish council
Vatican Insider

V2 Reflection 102
Music and singing in church

Bible Plan for April 5
Readings of Holy Thursday

John W's Daily Blog:  April 5
Next few days at Peng Chau

Friday April 6

Have you seen these?
The Crucifixion  in sand
Jerusalem: the site of Calvary

Water, water!! - Annie's story
Bill Mulcahy
c.f. Jesus on Cross: "I Thirst"
Heard on grapevine: Bill is
 arranging a trip to Uganda in Sep
...details coming soon

Easter in detention
Andrew Hamilton (Eureka Street)
(my experience exactly)

 Where is Easter for those on Cross?
("Every simple creature
 is a book about God")

The Jesus Stabat Mater
(to tune of Stabat Mater)

What's Jesus' mobile number?

Brisbane:  The Iona Passion Play

Performance 7pm tonight
at Iona College

Iona Passion Play Stations of the Cross - an historic recording

Vatican letter to Buddhists
Vatican Insider

Stem cell conference cancellation
Vatican Insider

V2 Reflection 103 
 Simplicity should be the aim 

Bible plan: April 6
Readings of Good Friday

John W's Daily Blog:  April 6
Good Friday like a parent's funeral

April 7

Keeping memories alive
Judith Lynch
Many families no longer
speak J language

The bird cage
An Easter story

Modern Stations of Cross

Easter Sand Bible

Pope: Don't dissent
Holy Thursday Chrism homily
"Irrevocable teaching: 
no women priests"

Comment on Pope's homily
Austrian "rebel" leader
Vatican Insider

"Reform of reform" out of sync with Easter season
Eugene Kennedy (NCR)

V2 Reflection 104
A fixed date for Easter?

Bible plan: April 7
Readings of Easter Vigil

John W's Daily Blog: April 7

Washing painted toenails

Happy Easter
 to all dear readers! Many thanks
 for checking
 this website each day

This week's smile
(updated April 8)
A good Easter smile!

Why "V2 Reflections"?

2012 Lent File (11 items)


Let's encourage more people to see 
1-6  re Bishop Bill Morris
1: Judge's conclusions
2: Canon lawyer's report

3: Radio interview with judge

4:  "The Age" file of letters
5: Summary re Rome
 6: Frank Brennan's update

Google "Morris" at top of this page
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 Bp Bill Morris   
Bp Pat Power
Bp Geoff Robinson
Bruce Duncan
Catalyst for Renewal
Catholics for Ministry  
Frank Brennan
Peter Johnstone     
The Swag

Bloggers' previous articles
Brian Lewis
Judith Lynch
Bill Mulcahy

David Timbs
Peter Wilkinson

John Wotherspoon

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16 Documents of V2 
We Are Church
VII - Voice of the Church

Catholic Priests Ireland

Donald Cozzens
Misguided Missal

Hans Kung's letter to bishops
(the best description of what's happening)

Priests say 9 Masses a day....need to ordain married men

Making do with a faulty translation

Irish priests using 1998 ICE - not new translation

Fr J. Ratzinger's writings on V2

Open letter to US bishops re new translation
Anthony Ruff

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