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Sunday April 15

The People of God?
David Timbs

Responding in conscience
 to the Magisterium 
Brian Lewis
(most relevant to Irish Reds issue)

Listen to the people
 Editorial, The Tablet 
Dissent is seen as normal

Obedience to law or Scripture?

c.f. Card Schönborn disobedient?
Vatican Insider

Card Ratzinger wanted Italian pope
Vatican Insider
(must have changed his mind?)

Pope and SSPX to sign agreement?
Rorate Caeli  

V2 Reflection 112
2 items which should be on our radar

Bible Plan: April 15
Readings for 2nd Sun of Easter

John W's Daily Blog: April 15
 True story from an inmate

April 16

Conscience as judgment
Brian Lewis
The meaning of 
a mature & authentic conscience

The godless delusion
Chris Berg
(The Age)
Western civilisation's debt to C'y

Priestly ministry today
Fr Kevin Hegarty
Comment no. 1: "Every Catholic in Ireland needs to read this"

The Vatican and the faithful
The Irish Times

Austria: Martha's Mass
Vatican Insider

SSPX - the last call?

Reflection for Divine Mercy Sunday
NCR, 2012
c.f. History of Divine Mercy devotion
John Allen
(NCR, 2002)
c.f.r. donation and devotion fatigue?

V2 Reflection 113

A Middle East Union?

Bible plan: April 16
Jesus in our hearts 

John W's Daily Blog: April 16 
A paper boy for 50 years 

 Tuesday April 17

Christ:  truth will set us free
Colum Kenny
Independenct ie

Priests support silenced colleague
Luke Byrne (Independent ie)

Philip Adams vs Dawkinsonians
Micheal Mullins (Eureka Street)

Full text of 
Leadership in our Church - a
shared responsibility of service
Robert Fitzgerald (CFR)

Sri Lanka: compulsory Communion on a kneeling tongue in Colombo
Rorate Caeli

Priest should not face the people
Rorate Caeli (..groan..)

Bishops and liturgy
Elizabeth Harrington
Bishop leads by example, not decree

Belgian bishop: ordain married men
The Tablet
c.f. Priests say 9 Masses a day....need to ordain married men

Tiny Estonia is internet giant
The Guardian
A lesson for leaders

V2 Reflection 114
Jesus is focal point of  human history

Bible plan: April 17
Back to ordinary 4-course menu

John W's Daily Blog:
April 17
Praying for the sick,
especially cancer patients

Wednesday April 11

Silencing the revolution
Iglesia Descalza

The role of women in Church
Pope's Easter Monday address

Easter tale of Sabbath economics
Ross Gittins
(The Age)

Dying priest's last sermon

Say "No" to Syria intervention
Holy Land Franciscan
(Vatican Insider)
c.f Arab Spring & Christian fears

Taking a stand 
John W

V2 Reflection 108
We ignore signs of the times 
at our peril

Bible plan: April 11
Readings of Easter Wednesday

John W's Daily Blog: April 11
More from those afterlife books

Thursday April 12

The road to Emmaus
Hazel of Old Windsor

Hope for the hopeless

Ominous divide in Church
Irish Times

Statement by Association of Catholic Priests (Ireland; 800 members)
- see John W's comment:  no. 38

Vatican Insider report re above
Info re role of Card Levada in above


This website would dearly love to have a bloggers from   IRELAND! 
Please contact 

 Dalai Lama:
Christians close to Buddhist spirit
Vatican Insider

Gay lobby in Vatican?
Vatican Insider

V2 Reflection 109
1965 words apply in 2012

Bible Plan for April 12
Readings of Easter Thursday

John W's Daily Blog:  April 12
Re my weekly column in a HK paper

April 13

Making a difference
Bill Mulcahy
(What = 8 World Trade Center attacks each day ?)

Open the Book
Hazel of Old Windsor
(re April  8 menu: An Easter miracle:
children who know Bible


Power to the Laity
Gary Everett
c.f. Flattening the Church
Robert Fitzgerald (Eureka St)

Easter & the never ending story
John Dear (NCR)

Austria "rebellion" update: no diktat
Vatican Insider

Pope doesn't like Neocat Mass

V2 Reflection 110 
 Church needs to move with the times 

Bible plan: April 13
Readings of Easter Friday

John W's Daily Blog:  April 13
I was sick and you visited me

Saturday April 14

A TV Debate
Judith Lynch
To Mr Richard Dawkins
 and Cardinal George Pell
c.f. Bruises all round
 in Pell-Dawkins street fight
Neil Ormerod (Eureka Street)

Comment on yesterday's blog
Bill Mulcahy
After a choir and a movie

Ireland - Catholic survey report:
- Copy of  report
- ACP website comments
- majority want woman priests and married priests (IE)

After near death experience, USA 
 atheist became a Christian pastor
UK Catholic Herald & CathNews

A voice of healing and trust
Fr Gerry Iverson 1937 -2012

Traditional Catholicism is winning
Wall Street Journal
-see John W's comment, no. 34

V2 Reflection 111
Societal upheaval comes from...?

Bible plan: April 14
Readings of Easter Saturday 

John W's Daily Blog: April 14

Comment re Cath Herald art above

Happy Easter Season
 to all dear readers! 
Many thanks  for checking
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This week's smile
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Cardinal Pell at Grey Gates

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Hans Kung's letter to bishops
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Priests say 9 Masses a day....need to ordain married men

Making do with a faulty translation

Irish priests using 1998 ICE - not new translation

Fr J. Ratzinger's writings on V2

Open letter to US bishops re new translation
Anthony Ruff

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