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April 22

Freedom and the compulsive mind
David Timbs

Vatican II as I experienced it
Dr Michael Costigan

Christians oppressed by Syrian rebels
Vatican Insider
This has serious complications

A chance to heal unholy wounds
Bronwyn Pike (The Age)

V2 Reflection 119
Our world needs wiser leaders

Bible Plan: April 22
Readings for 3rd Sun of Easter

John W's Daily Blog: April 22
Blind man behind bars

This week's smile is up
(under calendar on right of this page)
Theme: the arrogance of authority!

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 Monday April 23

Conscience as wisdom of the heart Brian Lewis

Vatican vs USA nuns:

Nuns' leader rejects Vat criticism

Women's ordination the issue
Huff Post

Bishops vs Nuns - no contest

James Zogby
(Huff Post)

Sisters of mercy, devotion & dismay
Thomas Fox

Online petition: Support the Sisters
John W has signed petition

Needed: A USA sister to blog for this website. Please email John W: 

South Korea: Church's Asian Tiger
c.f. Christianity in Korea
- notice the Matteo Ricci connection

Why is Rome-SSPX deal on hold?
Vatican Insider
( fiddling while Rome is burning...)

South China Sea conflict coming?
c.f. Standoff continues (RTHK)
- War in South China Sea? (UPI)

V2 Reflection 120

Goes with Brian Lewis article above

Bible plan: April 23
Who can fix things up in our lives? 

John W's Daily Blog: April 23 
Who was born on this day, and
didn't believe in "wagon circling"?

 Tuesday April 24

Michael Mullins 

Climate change a life issue for poor
Helen Forde (Catholic Leader)

HK Card Tong's hopes re China
Vatican Insider
c.f. Previous story part one
Previous story part two

Benedict's obsession to help SSPX
Rorate Caeli  (..groan..)
("accepting Vat II just an option")

USA: vocations boom (?)
Vatican Insider
- re
WSJ article Ap 12, at which
see John W's comment, no. 34

Victorian sex abuse inquiry:

Unlocking clergy sex abuse culture
Michael Mullins
(Eureka Street)

Dear Abp: contrition, not deflection
Bill Farr (The Age)
c.f. Abp Denis Hart's letter

Push to widen inquiry
Jane Lee (The Age)

1. Bap; 2 Confirm; 3 Euch - why?
Elizabeth Harrington (Cath Leader)

Tribute to "gentleman" Gold medalist

V2 Reflection 121
Freedom means....

Bible plan: April 24
Manager - Father; Captain - Jesus; Coach - Holy Spirit

John W's Daily Blog:
April 24
Norway: 24 years for 77 killings

Wednesday April 25

Vatican vs USA nuns:

Nuns bucked by papal bulls
Andrew Hamilton
(Eureka Street)

When did nuns become bad guys?
Joe Ferullo (NCR)

Sudan & South Sudan close to war

Victorian sex abuse inquiry:

Secrecy of the Holy Office

V2 Reflection 115
Religion/Church a force for good?

Bible plan: April 18
Reading Bible gives us strength

John W's Daily Blog: April 18
Communion on hand in Sri Lanka?

Thursday April 19

Catholic priests: revolution boiling?
UCA News
- see John W's comment (coming?)

Benedict like a sledge-hammer?
Patsy McGarry (Irish Times)

New documentary re Oscar Romero
John Dear
(if link not working,
 click JD"s article at NCR main page)

Holocaust Day- moving reflection
Chief Rabbi Lord Sacks
(Huff Post)
(please avoid Palestinian genocide...)

Diocese: time to re-think boundaries
Stefan Gigacz (CathBlog)

"Dear Joe" (Catholica)
 published with comment on
Vatican Insider

Irish Catholics' Forum
New thread started by John W
(a cat among pigeons?)

V2 Reflection 116
May goodness defeat badness

Bible Plan for April 19
 Anti-virus of grace vs virus of sin

John W's Daily Blog:  April 19
Touching an inmate
 = touching the Body of Christ

April 20

AIDS began in Cameroon, in 1908
The history of AIDS

Curia stifling debate on renewal
Patsy McGarry (Irish Times)
("the elephant in the room")

On his  return from gunfight
 with Irish priests

Sheriff Levada corrals US nuns
Joshua McElwee (

Vat:  protect conscientious objection
Washington Post

New bishop has Rome & Beijing ok
Vatican Insider
Stop press: excommunicated bishop
attends the ordination

France: C'n political indifference?
Vatican Insider

USA: Partisan dangers

The Good Book
ABC Radio program
"fewer & fewer people read Bible"

V2 Reflection 117 
 God re-formatted us 

Bible plan: April 20
We have been re-born

John W's Daily Blog:  April 20
Catholic education systems

April 21

Closed Doors
Judith Lynch
Open the doors to life's experiences

When Catholics dropped Bible
Frank Moloney
(Eureka Street TV)
Trent & reform of reform: 
"listen to hierarchy rather than Bible"

Vatican vs USA nuns:
No hope from church lawyers
- see comments
US Bishops website report

Victorian sex abuse inquiry:
Inquiry will find Church has been fair
Archbishop Denis Hart

V2 Reflection 118
Brother Ass or Brother Honorable?

Bible plan: April 21
God's Grace Guys - Satan's Sin Side 

John W's Daily Blog: April 21

Comment re Fr Frank Moloney
article, above

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This week's smile
(updated April 22)
The arrogance of authority!

Let's encourage more people 
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 6: Frank Brennan's update
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