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April 30

"For many" or "for all"? Vatican Insider

Full text of Pope's letter (Tablet)

 "Benedict criticised for saying  "for all"  better than "for many"!

John W  Daily Blog: April 30 I will keep using "for all"!

Communion - both kinds the norm Bishop Patrick McGrath (The Deacon's Bench)

Vatican vs USA nuns:

We are all nuns Nicholas Kristof (New York Times)

Resurrection, sisters, people power Nicole Sotelo (NCR)

2007 speech by Sr Laurie Brink O.P 2008 speech by Sr Laurie

 A friend to the homeless Paul Dobbyn (Catholic Leader)

April 29

LCWR: John Allen's update (NCR)

Update re April 29 Irish vigil Vatican Insider
Ap 29: vigil for silenced priests

Ireland: update re Fr Brian Darcy (BBC)

John W  Daily Blog: April 29 My heart is in Dublin today

The story of my interfaith family Huff Post Good example for multi-faith cultures

Catholic Democrats criticize bishops for "politicizing the faith"
Worcestor Telegram

Israel: Methodists consider divesting (NCR)

China: blind activist case background
Jonathan Watts

Conception to birth: 10 min video by Nobel Peace prize winner (Catholica)

April 28 

Another Irish priest censored Independent ie (Brian Darcy - his article on yesterday's menu!)

Vat silences Irish priests Michael Kelly (NCR)

What will Rome do about dissent?Vatican Insider

The embattled "deacon" words John Collins
For lots of material re deacons, Google "diaconate, john n collins" at www.google.com 

Simplifying sex Jo McGowan (Commonweal)

A losing strategy Margaret Steinfels (Commonweal)

Schools confront the globalisation of superficiality (Eureka Street) Bishop Greg O'Kelly S.J.

Pope's Opus Dei troubleshooter Tom Kington (Guardian) (Problem is not leaks,butcorruption?)

April 27

Address of Fr Robert McCulloch on receiving Pakistan award Columbans website

The Vatican and the LCWR Phyllis Zagano (NCR)

The Liturgy's Titanic moment Carmel Pilcher (CathBlog)

China: update re Ap 25 new bishop Vatican Insider

 Ireland- Assn of Catholic priests:

April  29: vigil for silenced priests - see John W's comment, no. 3

Church is  in deep crisis
Nessan Vaughan

A view from the pew Jo O'Sullivan

Focus on faith binds us Brian Darcy

Priests won't break Confession seal Independent ie

April 26

Why are women not being ordained to the priesthood?
Fr John Shea  O.S.A., Boston
This is "taking a stand"!


Vatican vs USA nuns:

Why are we not surprised?
Robert McClory (NCR)

Who will watch the watchmen? Eugene Kennedy (NCR)

In LCWR oversight, key questions remain  Joshua McElwee (NCR)

2012-02-29dysfunctional.jpg (26668 bytes)   From Michael Mullins'  Feb 26 article in Eureka Street

Pope: responsible tourism Vatican Insider

April 25

ANZAC Day: (c.f. Veterans/Remembrance Day)

Getting personal with Anzac Day Philip Harvey (Eureka Street)

Silence of conscientious objector Brian Doyle (Eureka Street)

On this ANZAC day, it's worth re-reading these files from 2003
 re the Iraq invasion & Middle East peace. See especially the words of
Bishop Pat Power from Oct 23, 2003, and words of Fr Bruce Duncan, March 2003

John W's Daily Blog: April 25 Anzac Day reflection

British history: Dark hearts George Monbiot (Guardian)

Sudan & South Sudan close to war Guardian

Report:  South China Sea war? ABC c.f. menu of Tuesday April 23

Victorian sex abuse inquiry: Secrecy of the Holy Office Catholica

Vatican vs USA nuns:

Nuns bucked by papal bulls
Andrew Hamilton
(Eureka Street)

When did nuns become bad guys? Joe Ferullo (NCR)

LCWR earthquake Tom Roberts (NCR)

LCWR: radical obedience Jamie Manson (NCR)

April 24

BlogWatcher Michael Mullins 

Climate change a life issue for poor Helen Forde (Catholic Leader)

HK Card Tong's hopes re China Vatican Insider
c.f. Previous story part one   Previous story part two

Benedict's obsession to help SSPX Rorate Caeli  (..groan..)
("accepting Vat II just an option")

USA: vocations boom (?) Vatican Insider
- re
WSJ article Ap 12, at which see John W's comment, no. 34

Victorian sex abuse inquiry:

Unlocking clergy sex abuse culture Michael Mullins (Eureka Street)

Dear Abp: contrition, not deflection
Bill Farr (The Age)
c.f. Abp Denis Hart's letter

Push to widen inquiry Jane Lee (The Age)

1. Bap; 2 Confirm; 3 Euch - why? Elizabeth Harrington (Cath Leader)

Tribute to "gentleman" Gold medalist ABC

April 23

Vatican vs USA nuns:

Nuns' leader rejects Vat criticism BBC

Women's ordination the issue Huff Post

Bishops vs Nuns - no contest
James Zogby (Huff Post)

Sisters of mercy, devotion & dismay Thomas Fox (NCR)

Online petition: Support the Sisters
John W has signed petition

Needed: A USA sister to blog for this website.
Please email John W:  jdwomi@gmail.com 

South Korea: Church's Asian Tiger Chiesa 
c.f. Christianity in Korea
- notice the Matteo Ricci connection

Why is Rome-SSPX deal on hold? Vatican Insider
( fiddling while Rome is burning...)

South China Sea conflict coming?  RTHK
c.f. Standoff continues (RTHK) - War in South China Sea? (UPI)

April 22

Vatican II as I experienced it Dr Michael Costigan

Christians oppressed by Syrian rebels Vatican Insider This has serious complications

A chance to heal unholy wounds Bronwyn Pike (The Age)

April 21

When Catholics dropped Bible Frank Moloney (Eureka Street TV)
Trent & reform of reform: "listen to hierarchy rather than Bible"

Vatican vs USA nuns: 
No hope from church lawyers
- see comments
US Bishops website report

Victorian sex abuse inquiry: Inquiry will find Church has been fair
Archbishop Denis Hart

April 20

AIDS began in Cameroon, in 1908 SMH The history of AIDS

Curia stifling debate on renewal Patsy McGarry (Irish Times) ("the elephant in the room")

On his  return from gunfight  with Irish priests Sheriff Levada corrals US nuns Joshua McElwee (NCR)

Vat:  protect conscientious objection Washington Post

New bishop has Rome & Beijing ok Vatican Insider Stop press: excommunicated bishop attends the ordination (AFP)

France: Christian political indifference? Vatican Insider

USA: Partisan dangers Commonweal

The Good Book
ABC Radio program "fewer & fewer people read Bible"

April 19
Catholic priests: revolution boiling? UCA News 

Benedict like a sledge-hammer? Patsy McGarry (Irish Times)

New documentary re Oscar Romero John Dear (NCR) (if link not working,  click JD's article at NCR main page)

Holocaust Day- moving reflection Chief Rabbi Lord Sacks (Huff Post) (please avoid Palestinian genocide...)

Diocese: time to re-think boundaries Stefan Gigacz (CathBlog)

"Dear Joe" (Catholica)  published with comment on  Vatican Insider

Irish Catholics' Forum
New thread started by John W (a cat among pigeons?)

April 18

Mass: "my sacrifice and yours" Melissa Nussbaum (NCR) (see John W's comment, no. 2)

Three of many excellent articles from latest Good Oil:

Reflecting on Dawkins vs Pell Clare Condon SGS

150 years of liturgical renewal Margaret Smith SGS

Lit renewal - unfinished business Ursula O'Rourke SGS

Does any other congregation have  a similar website  where people discuss issues like those above?

Benedict's 7 years as pope Vatican Insider ( rose-tinted glasses?)

Vic abuse inquiry: (The Age)
- most priests/people want it 
- premier bows to pressure

3 week old baby: Dad's thoughts George Monbiot

April 17

Christ:  truth will set us free Colum Kenny (Independenct ie)

Priests support silenced colleague Luke Byrne (Independent ie)

Philip Adams vs Dawkinsonians Micheal Mullins (Eureka Street)

Full text of Leadership in our Church - a shared responsibility of service Robert Fitzgerald (CFR)

Sri Lanka: compulsory Communion on a kneeling tongue in Colombo Rorate Caeli (..groan..)

Priest should not face the people Rorate Caeli (..groan..)

Bishops and liturgy Elizabeth Harrington (Leader) Bishop leads by example, not decree

Belgian bishop: ordain married men The Tablet
c.f. Priests say 9 Masses a day....need to ordain married men

Tiny Estonia is internet giant The Guardian A lesson for leaders

April 16

The godless delusion
Chris Berg
(The Age) Western civilisation's debt to Christianity

Priestly ministry today Fr Kevin Hegarty Comment no. 1: "Every Catholic in Ireland needs to read this"

The Vatican and the faithful The Irish Times

Austria: Martha's Mass Vatican Insider

SSPX - the last call?  Chiesa

Reflection for Divine Mercy Sunday NCR, 2012
c.f. History of Divine Mercy devotion John Allen (NCR, 2002) c.f.r. donation and devotion fatigue?


April 15

Listen to the people  Editorial, The Tablet  Dissent is seen as normal

Obedience to law or Scripture? NCR
c.f. Card Sch÷nborn disobedient? Vatican Insider

Card Ratzinger wanted Italian pope Vatican Insider (must have changed his mind?)

Pope and SSPX to sign agreement? Rorate Caeli   (groan...)

April 14

Bruises all round  in Pell-Dawkins street fight  Neil Ormerod (Eureka Street)

Ireland - Catholic survey report:
- Copy of  report
- ACP website comments
- majority want woman priests and married priests (IE)

After near death experience, USA  atheist became a Christian pastor UK Catholic Herald & CathNews

A voice of healing and trust SMH Fr Gerry Iverson 1937 -2012

Traditional Catholicism is winning Wall Street Journal -see John W's comment, no. 34

April 13

Power to the Laity Gary Everett (CathBlog)
c.f. Flattening the Church
Robert Fitzgerald (Eureka St)

Easter & the never ending story John Dear (NCR)

Austria "rebellion" update: no diktat Vatican Insider 

Pope doesn't like Neocat Mass Chiesa

April 12

Ominous divide in Church Irish Times

Statement by Association of Catholic Priests (Ireland; 800 members)
- see John W's comment:  no. 38

Vatican Insider report re above Info re role of Card Levada in above

 Dalai Lama: Christians close to Buddhist spirit Vatican Insider

Gay lobby in Vatican? Vatican Insider 

April 11

Silencing the revolution Iglesia Descalza (Austria...Ireland...)

The role of women in Church Pope's Easter Monday address

Easter tale of Sabbath economics Ross Gittins (The Age)

Dying priest's last sermon NCR

Say "No" to Syria intervention Holy Land Franciscan (Vatican Insider)
c.f Arab Spring & Christian fears

April 10

Don't Do It Eric Hodgens

Response to Pope's Chrism homily We are Church (UK)
- full homily, see menu of April 7
NY Times report of Chrism homily

Pope's Easter homily  Vatican Insider

Pope's Easter message to world Vatican Insider

Asian followers give life to churches Barney Swartz (SMH)

Dear Joe: open letter to Pope Leonard Swidler (Catholica)

April 9

Irish priest under investigation Irish Examiner

Ireland: silenced priest receives global support Irish Examiner

Ireland: Reality Magazine

Another lot of new cardinals? Vatican Insider Present group "well balanced"?

April 8

Seeing the resurrection Fr Tim Williams CM (Vincentian News)

Bishop Bill Morris affair: ABC radio interview  with Fr Frank Brennan

Christians urged to wear Cross Cardinal Keith O'Brien Guardian

Can we believe in love? Easter's essential role Joel Hodge (ABC)

An Easter miracle: children who know Bible John Elder (The Age)

1,000,000 Christians hidden in Arabia Vatican Insider

April 7

The bird cage An Easter story

Modern Stations of Cross Catholica

Easter Sand Bible

Pope: Don't dissent Holy Thursday Chrism homily "Irrevocable teaching: no women priests"

Comment on Pope's homily
Austrian "rebel" leader Vatican Insider

"Reform of reform" out of sync with Easter season
Eugene Kennedy (NCR)

April 6

Have you seen these? The Crucifixion  in sand     Jerusalem: the site of Calvary

Easter in detention Andrew Hamilton (Eureka Street) (my experience exactly)

Where is Easter for those on Cross? NCR ("Every simple creature  is a book about God")

The Jesus Stabat Mater
(to tune of Stabat Mater)

What's Jesus' mobile number? 31314?

Brisbane:  The Iona Passion Play

Iona Passion Play Stations of the Cross - an historic recording

Vatican letter to Buddhists Vatican Insider

Stem cell conference cancellation
Vatican Insider

April 5

Have you seen these? The Last Supper in sand  Last Supper apostles = poor children

Jesus' last words provide non-violent inspiration on Good Friday
John Dear  (NCR)

Women after dialogue
Bishop Vincent Malone (PR)

Senate submission on gay marriage
Cardinal George Pell

Vatican knows where missing girl is?
Vatican Insider

Vienna: gay man on parish council
Vatican Insider

April 4: Australia: Catholic parish ministry facing disaster (updated) Peter Wilkinson (Catholica)

April 4: Archbishop Mark Coleridge
Courier Mail - see comments

April 3

Archbishop Mark Coleridge

Iran: the desire for Christianity
Vatican Insider

Why they left the Church
America Magazine

Call for peace & justice in Holy Land
Bishop Pat Power
(Eureka Street)
"Israel must stop abusing Palestinians
so trust and respect can prevail"

Copy of talk on which above article
is based
- Bishop Pat Power


Holy Office at click of mouse

Senate submission on gay marriage
Peter Wilkinson

Senate submission on gay marriage
Jane Anderson

"Can I Thee Wed?" 
Same-sex marriage in Australia
John Murphy

Another view of gay marriage:
- Vic bishops
- Francis MacNutt
(what a divisive topic....groan...)

Communion on a kneeling tongue
Rorarate Caeli 

April 2: Sunday: The Lord's Day
(An easy-read summary of JP's letter - may be of use for parish/school)

April 2: A China that calls to Jesus Vatican Insider

April 2: Romania's scandal: babies die as doctors refuse to work without bribes Independent

April 2: C of E advertises to find next Abp of Canterbury Guardian

April 2: Sung version of The Philippians Hymn Phil 2.6-11   

April 1: Observatory on religious freedom Vatican Insider

April 1: Bishop Robinson: revise sexuality morality
Vatican Insider See March 30 article for earlier report

April 1: Give Church abuse records to police
Letters to The Age  See March 30 articles for background