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2012-06-10    Link between abortion and breast cancer

Even though 53 out of 66 studies done since 1957 show an increased risk of breast cancer after induced abortion, Planned Parenthood CEO Cecile Richards sent out an impassioned plea for money to fight new Kansas legislation that she deceptively claims will "force doctors to lie to their patients. Even if the woman seeking abortion is a victim of rape or incest, her doctor will lie to her about her risk of breast cancer on the orders of Kansas lawmakers. How awful. How cruel. Help us stop it," she says. Richards is upset because the new legislation requires abortionists to warn women about the correlation between induced abortion and breast cancer. She then says that there is a "complete lack of evidence that abortion will increase the risk of breast cancer." Really, Cecile?

Dr. Angela Lanfranchi blasts Richards' ongoing attempt at hiding the truth. Dr. Lanfranchi is a clinical assistant professor of surgery at Robert Wood Johnson Medical School and a breast oncologic surgeon. In October 2011, she summarized the scientific studies about the abortion-breast cancer link: Since 1957 there been 66 studies done which looked at the relation of induced abortion and breast cancer, including 53 which showed a positive correlation and 25 that were statistically significant. There were only 13 which showed no association.

What is most telling is that one study author, Louise Brinton, had been a leader at the 2003 NCI Workshop on Early Reproductive Events and Breast Cancer Risk which concluded that there was no association between breast cancer and induced abortion. In 2009, Louise Brinton has now reported that there is a 40 percent statistically significant increase of breast cancer with induced abortion. Recent studies from Turkey, Iran, and China have been published in the last five years. A list of the epidemiologic studies of the induced abortion and breast cancer risk from 1957 through 2011 is available at the Breast Cancer Prevention Institute website in the form of a reproducible fact sheet.

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