2012 Articles  January - February


Feb 29: "The American Pope"  Andrea Tornielli

Feb 29: God's astonishing universe  Michael Morwood

Feb 28: Vatican 2: Does it still matter? Catherine McCahill

Feb 28: Dysfunction in church and ALP Michael Mullins

Feb 28: Divorced/remarried: Communion? Giacomo Galeazzi

Feb 28: Catholic vs Catholic Ken Briggs

Feb 28: Catholicization of U.S. Right Howard Schweber

Feb 27: Jerusalem churches: threats/insults Giacomo Galeazzi

Feb 27: 22 new cardinals Catholic Herald report

Feb 27: Pope to warring Vatican officials Paulo Gambi

Feb 27: We'll get used to new translation
John Flader

Feb 26: Time for Jacobin pope? John Allen

Feb 26: Stranded Korean students helped Paul Dobbyn

Feb 26: Genocide continuing in Sudan March 16 day of world action

Feb 25: Association for the Rights of Catholics in the Church (USA)

Feb 25: New nuncio in Ireland Gerard O'Connell

Feb 24: Eurocentrism must be overcome Cardinal Alencherry

Feb 24: USA: Gov vs Bishops  Bishop Frank Dewane

Feb 24: Update on Legionaries Sandro Magister + Comment by Tom Roberts

Feb 23: Support for all kinds of families Carmel Pilcher

Feb 23: US bishops fight for control Stephanie Simon

Feb 23: Lent: hearing the cry of the poor Online Ministries

Feb 23: Lent: fasting in need Kevin Alton (USA)

Feb 23: Germany's dangerous young Islamic clerics Der Spiegel

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Victory or Martyrdom: Al-Qaida Still Planning Attacks in Germany

Feb 22: Beijing & China's bishops Sandro Magister

Feb 22: Church needs unity Pope Benedict 16 (i.e.  no disagreement allowed?)

Feb 22: Call to disobedience in Germany Spiegel

Feb 22:  recent articles re Church in Germany:

Call to disobedience

Assessing the Pope's Visit: Germany At Odds With Benedict XVI

The World From Berlin: 'The Pope Can't Neglect What's Happening in His Own Church'

Mission Clarity: Pope Benedict's Blunt New World

The Pope Comes Home: Benedict Criticizes Lack of Religiosity in Germany

Fighting the Dictatorship of Relativism: The Pope's Role in the New Battle for Religion

Theologian Hans Küng on Pope Benedict: 'A Putinization of the Catholic Church'

Disillusioned German Catholics: The Pope's Difficult Visit to His Homeland

Feb 21: Corruption in the Philippines G. O'Connell with Abp Tagle

Feb 21: Church has been stolen? Ted Schmidt & John Quinn
Canada's new cardinal a shepherd)

Feb 20: New translation - protest letter
Misguided Missal

Feb 20: Pope to new cardinals: forget glory John Allen

Feb 20: Canada's new cardinal a shepherd John Allemang

Feb 20: Contraception's con men Gary Wills

Feb 20: Contraception & Rick Santorum C. Cass & J. Agiestra

Feb 20: "Vatileaks" embarrass Holy See Elisabetta Povoledo

Feb 20:   2.6m children die each year Jay Rayner

Feb 19 homily to new cardinals  Pope Benedict 16 (21st century ecclesiology?)

Feb 19: The continuing challenge of V2 Cardinal Kasper

Feb 19: Bonhoeffer/Metzger: idea of council Maria Pederiva

Feb 19: We must purify the Church Vatican Insider

Feb 19: The new Jesuits Giacomo Galeazzi

Feb 19: Making sense of Iran situation Ian Black

Feb 18: Pope Dolan?  John Allen

Feb 18: Cardinal Kasper's thinking
Fabrizio Mastrofini (
c.f. Kasper-Ratzinger debate & Kasper's warning)

Feb 18: Impunity at the top Rosie DiManno

Feb 17: Vatican full of moles and spies  Guido Horst

 Feb 17: Catechism helps faith Guido Horst (but see CCC does not = V2)

Feb 17, a day of prayer  for pope & cardinals, before new cardinals' ceremony Feb 18

Feb 16: Cardinal Turkson's message to bishops of India (culturally insensitive?)

Feb 15: The inside story re Bp Bill Morris Stephen Crittenden

Feb 15: The first 50 years of  Vatican 2 Fabrizio Mastrofini

Feb 15: Can the pope legislate "reverence"? Eugene Kennedy

Feb 15: An Australian Creed

Feb 14: Reclaiming Saint Valentine's Day!

Feb 14: "The Age": file of article/letters re Bishop Bill Morris (updated)

Feb 14: Communion only on tongue? Elizabeth Harrington  (but see Agenda)

Feb 14: Tibet: situation worsening Jonathan Watts

Feb 14: Tibet: excellent commentary Michael  Danby

Feb 14: Young fleeing conservative church Eleanor J. Bader

Feb 14: Vatican abuse symposium Charles Scicluna

Feb 13: Patriarch's beautiful words John Allen

 Feb 13: Weigel fabricated Bernadin story Peter Steinfels 

Feb 13: Conscience & internal forum ARCC

Feb 13: Cardinal  Zen vs Saint Egidio Sandro Magister
(note: many HK Catholics feel Card too outspoken re China)

Feb 12: A  lost generation of young women Patricia Wittberg

Feb 12: New translation ignores audience William O'Malley

Feb 12: Fr Charlie Dittmeier -Cambodia Ministry for the Deaf

Feb 11: Critique of new missal  Daniel  Donovan

Feb 11: Do we have a church in schism? Matthew Fox 

Feb 10:  Fr  Joseph Ratzinger's writings on V2

Feb 8: Scandals & how we handle them
Michael Kelly

Feb 8: If Dickens were alive today Andrew Hamilton

Feb 8: The word "Dinkum" is Chinese!   Edmond Nixon

Feb 7: "Schoolboys" have no real authority  Norbert Dlabal

Feb 7: V2 was loyalty & renewal  Giacomo Galeazzi

Feb 7: Cowardly attack on StandUp4V2  Damian Thompson

Feb 6: Bertone's stocks running down  Sandro Magister

Feb 6: How to spin the church's message?  Zenit

Feb 6: USA priest loses job for changing words of missal

Feb 3: Tablet article about Bishop Morrist   Michael Kelly

Feb 2: Cardinal Bertone tightening control   Vatican Insider

Feb 2: Presentation: Hypapante  Catholic Ireland

Feb 2: Why Catholics are leaving  Cathleen Kaveny

Feb 1: The New Missal in India  Eduardo Peñalver

Jan 31: Down's Syndrome baby healed  John Rea

Jan 31: Austria rebellion background  Kerry Skyring

Jan 31: Rebellion in Austria?  Guido Horst

Jan 30: Vatican  in-fighting  John Allen

Jan 30: Vatican in-fighting  Chiesa

Jan 30: Brazil: Fr Marcelo's Pentecost  Sandro Magister

Jan 29: Commonality Enda 

Jan 28: Three views of  Conscience  Anon

Jan 28:  50 years since V2  Tablet 

Jan 27: Curia stunned when Council called Desmond Fisher

Jan 27: Comment re B16 & Silence Anon

Jan 26: Morris affair & hierarchy  Frank Brennan

Jan 23: Bishop Morris and Natural Justice  Andrew Hamilton

Jan 22: The sacking of Bishop Morris   Michael Kelly 

Jan 19: Tradition & tradition   Robert McClory

Jan 18: Scripture, Vatican 2 & the CCC, an unfinished journey   Brendan Byrne

Jan 18: Preparing for Year of Faith  Richard McBrien

Jan 15: Doctrinal break time

Jan 14: Bp Bill Morris & The Record

Jan 14: Vatican 2 made simple

Jan 12: New cardinals: comment by Peter Johnstone

Jan 12: Ben glimpses Heaven

Jan 11: New light on Reformation

Jan 7: Mary bringing Jesus

Jan 5: Ecclesial movements

Jan 5: Near-death experience & 3 plastic saints

Jan 4: Dealing with new translation

Jan 4: New translation background

Jan 3: The next pope

Jan 3: Why Catholics leave church 

Jan 2: Email from Peter Johnstone of Catholics for Renewal