Africa Trip:  Tanzania/Malawi
Dec 31, 2014  -  Jan 28, 2015

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Aims of trip:
- to visit families of Tanzanian inmates in HK prisons (..was able to meet about 30 families DG!)
- to spread message about danger of drug trafficking to HK, China, Macau
- to visit a poor area of Malawi, taking items for HK volunteer working there
to have my annual holiday???

Daily photo reports of my Africa visit:

Dec 31   Dar Es Salaam

Jan 1  Dar Es Salaam

Jan 2  Dar Es Salaam

Jan 3-4  Malawi, on edge of Lake Malawi, near Salima (centre right of map)

Jan 5  Visit with HK volunteer Janny Law to Malawi poor areas 

Jan 6  Malawi: visit with HK volunteer Janny and local pharmacist to homes of sick

          (February - updates of Jan 5 and Jan 6 photos)

Jan 7  Visit with HK Janny Law and local pharmacist to Kachulu village, Malawi

Jan 8-9   Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania

Jan 10 A Godfrey at the start and the end of the day in Dar Es Salaam

Jan 11   Menu, hospital visit

Jan 13  Dar Es Salaam: BBC and hospital

Jan 14   Dar Es Salaam - Clouds media: radio/tv interviews. Bus & church

Jan 15  Flight from Dar to Zanzibar, then flight from Zanzibar to Pemba Island

Jan 16  Pemba and Tanga

Jan 17   Tanga - Arusha - Namanga

Jan 19  Arusha to Mwanza - five flights on 12-seater planes!

Jan 25  Sunday in Dar Es Salaam

Jan 22 - 27  Dar Es Salaam - Dr Willibrod Slaa, inmates' families, Evans



Every Sunday night 9.05pm HK time on Metro Radio
Hour of Love
  (can listen on internet)

with audio recordings from Tanzania

English audio files
Jan 2   Jan 10  Jan 18   Jan 25

Swahili audio files 
Jan 18Jan 20Jan 22(a)Jan 22(b),  
Jan 23(a)Jan 23(b)Jan 23(c)
Jan 24(a)
Jan 24(b)
Jan 25
, Jan 26, Jan 27

BBC  radio interview with me on January 13
It's 24 mins long - hope it does a bit of good to stop drug traffickers going to HK. 
File is here 


While I was in Tanzania, Tz's biggest newspaper ran 5 stories on the danger of drug trafficking to HK/China/Macau. Articles are in Swahili, but you can spot the word "China", my surname (with an extra "o" for some reason) and a couple of photos.   (Click to enlarge these images) 

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2015-01-18Mwananchi01.jpg (603467 bytes)
2015-01-18Mwananchi02.jpg (757515 bytes) 2015-01-19Mwananchi01.jpg (603589 bytes) 2015-01-19Mwananchi02.jpg (705188 bytes) 

Jan 31 article in Swahili in Mwananchi:
Possible next president, Dr Slaa, speaking about meeting with me last January in Dar Es Salaam



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My Tanzania File