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  re Bishop Bill Morris:

1: Judge's conclusions
2: Canon lawyer's report
3: Radio interview with judge

4:  "The Age" file of letters

5: Summary re Rome
6: Frank Brennan's update

7: ABC radio Fr Frank Brennan

8. Update from Frank Brennan

9. Vatileaks & Bp Bill Morris

10: Tablet letter - Frank Brennan

After reading 1-10, check the "Pravda" report of CNA

Google "Morris" at top of this website's menu page for many articles re Bishop BM, the most recent being talk of March 26, 2013:
  Reclaiming the Spirit of Vatican II


June 2014: Now, after a long period of careful legal checking, Bill's book about this saga is finally available:

Sacked Aussie bishop lifts the lid on Vatican bureaucracy
(has radio interview with Bill)

Former Toowoomba bishop launches tell-all book

Hardback: AUD$54.95

Paperback: AUD$39.95

PDF: AUD$24.95

 from this ATF website