2014-12-30   Hong Kong Democracy File - Essential Reading

My photos of students democracy protests at Mong Kong, Admiralty, Causeway Bay & TST - and of P.L.A. armoured vehicles in Jordan


Dec 23: Lessons for Hong Kong in Macau
Visit by Chinese president delivers ominous contrasts

Dec 3: Beijing Sends an Alarming Message on HK Visas  
Ban on British MPs could extend to anyone deemed undesirable
 – like journalists or businessmen

Nov 5: HK Gap with Mainland Wider than Imagined

Nov 4: Time for protesters to move

Oct 30: Hong Kong protests bring crisis of confidence for traditional media

Oct 29: Conspiracy Oracle Backs Beijing from Bangkok 
A shadowy “researcher” recycles doubtful claims about HK’s Occupy Central 

Oct 24: Giant pro-democracy banner hung on Lion Rock

Oct 23: HK CE Digs A New Hole
His subjects are "too stupid to vote" !

Oct 23: 2014-10-23Mong-Kong-7bears.jpg (374965 bytes)

Oct 22: CE says masses would dominate in fair vote  (!!!) 

Oct 21: Time for Occupy Movement to move

A really important article:
Oct 16: HK’s Endless Road to Democracy
At all times the big business establishment - whether the opium traders in the nineteenth  century or the property tycoons of today - have stood against representative government

Oct 14: Wear A Yellow Ribbon

Oct 12: Young people of Taiwan and Hong Kong refusing to accept the unification of 'Greater China'

Oct 6: A most important article by HK's former Chief Secretary:
Betrayed by China and abandoned by the British  (Anson Chan)

Oct 5: China Uses Triads Against Democracy Movement

Oct 5: Are we facing a new Tiananmen massacre?

Oct 1: "A critical moment for the government"
A constitutional law expert says the Hong Kong government is at a critical juncture and needs to be seen to be representing Hong Kong people and not Beijing

Sep 30: Cardinal Tong: Enough violence, government must put the people first

Sep 24:  While HK students stand up for the protection of HK's freedoms, HK's Mega-Rich kowtow in Beijing  (this article has much information about HK's tycoons)

Sep 19: China Breaks its Promise to HK
China fears democracy contagion
if true universal suffrage is allowed in Hong Kong

Sep 12: HK Tycoons Go Ivy with Harvard Gift
The Chans owe their wealth entirely to their father, and to the developer-friendly policies of government officials. However, they again illustrate how much of Hong Kong’s wealth is concentrated in a very few hands, mostly developers with close ties to officials. (...and those hands see democracy as a threat:
c.f. Hong Kong's pro-democracy movement is about inequality. The elite knows it)

Sep 11: China Gets it Wrong
Beijing’s soft power hasn’t worked in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Tibet or  Xinjiang

Sep 6: A fascinating article about the history of democracy in HK:
Hong Kong, City of broken promises
HK's business leaders stopped Britain from giving democracy to HK people!
This is a story that all HK people should know!

Sep 2: Newspaper drops weekly column

Sep 2: The Guardian view on charges China is reneging on its Hong Kong promises

Sep 1: Beijing to Hong Kong: Drop Dead
Hong Kong has as much chance for universal suffrage as Tibet 

Aug 31: Beijing Gets Ugly in HK

Aug 31: HK Under the Heel

Aug 31: Hong Kong paper claims banks pulled ads after pressure from Beijing
(Not just the banks ....many companies that do business with China also have stopped advertising in Apple Daily)

August 20: The Anti-Occupy Central Demonstration and its Contradictions
- free transport, shirts, food and money!

August 18 - For Chinese readers: this Apple Daily video report

August 17 "pro-Beijing" march:  lots of marchers manipulated?

Hong Kong's pro-democracy movement is about inequality. The elite knows it 
What prominent tycoons really fear is a pro-democracy movement which will convert demands for increasing suffrage into robust demands for redistribution

Leaks Confirm Attacks on HK Press

Hacker Havoc Against Hong Kong Activists

Beijing's tentacles enwrap Hong Kong

Editorial censorship at South China Morning Post

“White Terror” behind Hong Kong Web Closure?