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I have watched all of these videos. They have taught me a lot about Islam.

What can we do about the rapid spread of militant Islam? 
1. Pray   (pray for an Islam-related intention each day:
Sun - Muslims in my own country; Mon - ISIS; Tues - Boko Haram;
Wed - Al Shabaab; Thurs - Al Qaeda; Fri - all Muslims; Sat - Taliban)

2. Study - learn more about Islam
3. Act - prayer and study will suggest activities (e.g. special reach-out to Muslims)

Dealing with IS means dealing with people who have been "radicalised".

How can such people be "unradicalised"?

Two stories of how "radicalised" people were "unradicalised":

- The story of Kamal Saleem

- The story of Paul of Tarsus

Anyone know of other such stories? jdwomi@gmail.com  


YouTube - The Islamisation of the UK. Muslim population doubling every ten years. Disturbing....


Despite author's controversial record, his words in this book are a wake-up call to what's happening in the world. The whole of the Introduction is here  - the story of Thomas Jefferson's Quran, and the US's first encounter with the concept of Jihad.

A 2005 publication outlined the plan for an IS Caliphate to be established in 2013 .... and outlined how 2016-2019 is to be a time of total confrontation. Described in these four pages of It IS About Islam by Glenn Beck (which becomes more disturbing the more one reads it)

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IS and 2016


From a reader in Canada: "Please watch this video about Brussels soon to be a Muslim city with Sharia Law":  Showdown looms in Brussels
report from US CBN News:

A Report on the World's Changing Demographics
"In 39 years, France will be an Islamic republic. By 2050, Germany will be a Muslim state".    
Video: What Islam is not 

How one US surgeon used love ...with amazing results:
The story of Kamal Saleem   (8 min video)

The Muslim infiltration of Britain
By a stunned Stacy Dooley on return to her home town of Luton. 

Sharia Law UK
Muslim imams in the UK now outnumber the UK's Christian pastors, and converting empty church buildings into mosques has become a cottage industry

The Islamization of Britain in 2014

Muslims can reinterpret their faith - the best answer to Isis

Muslims hailed for protecting Christians during terror attack on Kenyan bus

The truth About Islam
- it is not a religion of peace

Wahhabism in Southeast Asia
Wahhabi ideology aggressively exported by Saudi Arabia is the single biggest cause of extremism in the Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand 

Muhammad's life
(with English subtitles ...and narrated in perfect English ...excellent for English students). This video has much information about the "Satanic verses", about the massacre of Jews ("the world's first Holocaust"), why Jerusalem is Islam's third city (after Mecca and Medina), how many wives Muhammad had (9+), the development of Suffism, how Muhammad mainly used non-violent diplomacy (in one case sparing a whole city, Mecca, that had surrendered to him), the moving Last Sermon of Muhammad, how the Quran does not condone violence in 2014

A disturbing documentary  about Islam:
The Third Jihad  - Radical Islam's Vision for America
(and the world)

Producers Respond to Anti-Islam and Hate Claims

Quran Documentary - it discusses:
* The conflicting views of peace and violence in the Quran. 
* The Quran's emphasis on learning which produced great academic achievements. As early as the 9th century, Muslim scientists calculated the circumference of the earth, while medieval Europe clung to the concept of a flat earth. Trigonometry, Algebra and Geometry were wholly or largely Muslim inventions.
* The Sunni-Shia fault-line in Islam, and subdivisions, like Wahhabism (as in Saudi Arabia, which over the past  20 years, has spent US$100 billion propagating its militant version of Islam across the world, using a Quran that has been militantly edited).
* The huge contrast in treatment of women across the Muslim world. 
* Female genital circumcision

Secrets of the Koran
-  a clear history of how the Koran was written after Muhammad died
- clearly explains the history of Mecca and Medina
- (in its final section) clearly explains the rise of Wahhabism (as in Saudi Arabia), Al Qaeda etc

Islam, the Untold Story
- an amazing search for the historical beginnings of Islam. Like a detective story. Gripping
c.f. TV historian triggers storm after controversial program about Islam ("The Untold Story")
Tom Holland Responds to the Program's Critics

TV (ABC) interview with Tom Holland about origins of Islam

This is a most important video. It has opened my eyes.
An Historical Critique of Islam's Beginning 
Much (most?) material about Mohammad is fictitious. Koran was written by a committee.

Why does ISIS make foreign prisoners wear orange jumpsuits, especially before execution?  Because that's what Muslim prisoners in Guantanamo Bay are made to wear.  Lots more info re ISIS in this YouTube: The Rise of ISIS & The Christian's Response - which describes how the cutting of enemies' throats is prescribed in the Koran describes 

YouTube:  Women in Islam

* "women are more disobedient and less intelligent that men"

* a man may have 4 wives

* a man may beat his wife

 * a woman's inheritance & witness are half that of a man

* a wife is like a field, to be ploughed whenever a man wants 

* a man may divorce his wife at any time and without any reason by just saying 3 times "I divorce you"

* most Muslim women have no idea that the above ideas are in the Quran


A group of ex-Muslims in Belgium are trying to stop the Islamisation of Belgium:
Who are we & what do we believe?

A most interesting IQ debate:
Islam is a Religion of Peace
' throats is prescribed in the Koran

When Muslims Ruled in Europe
It tends to look at the Muslim side of the story with rose glasses, and the Christian side with dark glasses, but contains much important information ...not the least being about how Christians expelled Muslims from Spain in much the same way as Isis has expelled Christians from Syria

Radical Islam Documentary
It's first part is "old stuff" for me, but its second part, especially the comparison between Nazism and radical Islam is new & alarming    

The Islamic State and ‘Religion of Peace’

Islam - What the West Needs to Know

The Suppressed and Hidden History of Islam
- an amazing search for the historical beginnings of Islam. 
Like a detective story. Gripping

The Third Crusade: Saladin & Richard the Lionheart
 - Muslim vs Christian war futility 

I have mixed feelings about this YouTube presentation. It's style puts me off, but there are some facts in it that are good to know to balance previous videos which looked at Islam through rosy glasses - re "the Golden Age of Islam" and the Crusades:
Why we are afraid of Islam?


If we wish to understand Isis and Islamist extremism in so many parts of the world, we need to go back to the beginning of Islam and learn about its founder Muhammad (died 632).

This Wikipedia article gives a lot of information. 

A very critical summary of Muhammad's life, claiming he was not a very nice person, is here:  The Life of Muhammad: An Inconvenient Truth

Neither of the above articles is easy to read, but if we are to make sense of what is happening in today's world, we need to learn more about Islam, starting with Muhammad. 

Islam: What Can be Done?

What does the Religion of Peace teach about violence?

As part of my effort to learn more about Islam, I watched How Islam Began, in which Fred Donner claims that the early "Believers' Movement"  included Jews and Christians, but then evolved into Islam (Muslims only). Donner says that if Muslims study their origins, they might be more open to a peaceful existence in today's world.  
But then I discovered the Tablet article linked here!
Patricia Crone dismembers Fred Donner

YouTube with Jay Smith:  - many important facts, well worthy watching 
1: Textual Integrity of Bible and Quran
2: Examining Manuscript Evidence of Quran and Bible

Video: Egyptian Muslim boy, blind for two years,  healed through prayer of Coptic priest  - notice the reaction of the boy's mother!


My ISIS File (which has this especially important article:
This Islamic State nightmare is not a holy war but an unholy mess


Closely related to Islamic extremist violence in today's world is the issue of injustice:

The Sabra and Shatila massacre, part of an Israeli attack on Lebanon which inspired Osama Bin Laden to attack the NY Word Trade Center Twin Towers, unsuccessfully in 1993, then disastrously in 2001
"As I watched the destroyed towers in Lebanon, it occurred to me to punish the unjust the same way [and] to destroy towers in America so it could taste some of what we are tasting and stop killing our children and women"

Moral of the story: injustice breeds terrorism. To stop terrorism, stop injustice