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Feb 18, 2017  Special Assignment: The Last Run  (see also: Primrose)

October 16, 2016  Birthday party in HK

Nov 2015 O.M.I. ministries in Hong Kong

Nov 25, 2016  HK Catholic Biblical Association

March 26, 2014 How do you stop drug mules coming through Hong Kong?

Dec 25, 2007  Christmas party for poor children in Zhaoqing

April 18, 2007  TV report re English classes in Zhaoqing

2005 TV report re work for the poor in Zhaoqing


Andre Rieu

A Tale of Two Brains

Bob Welsh - My Christmas Eve

Draw a stick man

Give me oil in my lamp

Gospel Call to Creation Care

Jackie Evancho  - To Believe


Ronald Regan - On His Knees

Sewing Hope

Steep Your Soul: Meet Chris

Sydney Peace Prize Lecture by Julian Burnside  

The Juggler     

The Story of Jonah 

You Raise Me Up


What "gay marriage" did to Massachusetts

Frightening reports: LGBT radical impact on educational institutions (No. 5); LGBT infiltrating churches (No. 6); US corporations massively supporting LGBT agenda (No. 7). What has happened in the US is now starting to happen in other places. Some day our children will ask "why didn't you do more to stop this evil?"