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Dear Friends

Happy Easter! May the Risen Lord give us hope and courage and peace 
for our daily lives

The past few days at Peng Chau Island have been most enjoyable.
Only a small group for the Easter services,
but like one big family

The past two mornings I've gone to neighboring Hei Ling Chau Island to visit inmates.
About 400 on Friday morning, and another 400 yesterday morning.
Both days were public holidays, so the men were not in their workshops,
but in their dining halls....easy to see them all in a short time 

Yesterday in one section at HLC, a local Chinese man asked prayer for his wife's sister...has cancer. I asked the man why he was asking me for prayer, and he said "I'm a friend of the guy in Lai Chi Kok who asked you to help him pray for his mother in February....mother was due to have big heart operation....but after the guy (who'd never prayed in his life) prayed for her on the three days before the operation was due, the operation was cancelled on the day it was due...and she went home well and was told no need for operation".
So .... I just asked the HLC man to pray "Jesus, please help my sister in law to get well"...and gave him a copy of the book "Doctor Jesus" (which helped the LCK man to pray for his mother)

Easter Jesus still around....helping and healing

Piece of mental gymnastics in yellow below is strictly optional reading:

Q 01:  What place closed down some time after 3pm on Good Friday?  A:  "the bosom of Abraham" = the place where all the good people who died before Jesus' death ...were waiting for the gates of  heaven to open = the place where Abraham, Moses, Elijah, St Joseph, John the Baptist,  etc were counting down the days before they moved house to heaven.
c.f.  Cat 01   &  Cat 02 (both of which unfortunately use words "descended into hell"; better to use "descended to the dead")
c.f. Cat 03    &  Cat 04
c.f. Did John the Baptist go straight to heaven when he died?  (scroll down to comment by Kev123)

Q 02: When did the gates of heaven open....after Jesus' death or after his resurrection?
A:  I'm not sure.  Put "gates of heaven opened by Jesus" into Google and you'll see some people saying the gates were opened by his death, others saying they were opened by his  resurrection.  Notice how Cat 01, Cat 02, Cat 03, Cat 04 are not clear about this.
Cat 03 seems to say his death.   Cat 04 says his resurrection.  It's as if the church is having an ''each-way bet"

Best understanding:  what matters is not the timing of the opening gates, but the fact that they re-opened.  Using the human concept of time to talk about heavenly realities has many limitations....a bit like asking a tiny child to use Windows 2011.   So we humbly pray 
"Lord Jesus, by your Cross and Resurrection   you have set us free. You are the Saviour of the world"

My  Bible Plan for today = the readings for Easter Sunday

Again, may the Risen Jesus, give us hope, strength, courage, peace and healing 
for our daily lives!  Happy Easter!

Thank you for a prayer

God bless!

John W

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