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Dear Friends

Holiday hello from Hong Kong.  Easter Monday a holiday here, as in most places

Monday....Jesus please bless the people of Europe & Russia 
Tues: South Asia; Wed: East Asia; Thurs: S.E. Asia & Pacific;
Frid: South America; Sat: Central & North America; Sunday: Africa. 
Please join me in praying for one part of the world each day

Yesterday a happy day: Easter Sunday morning Mass at Peng Chau Island,
then 3pm to 5.30pm prayer gathering in Kowloon for cancer patients, 
then 6pm gathering in Kowloon for ex-inmates, (ex-)drug addicts  and street people.

Photos of last gathering  - including photo of the big prayer circle we make at the end of each gathering,
for a 2-3 minute prayer asking, last night, for the Risen Jesus to give everyone hope and good health

My  Bible Plan for today = Readings for Easter Monday

On this 9th of the month, Jesus please bless the people of Henan
(Please join me in praying for one part of China each day of the month)

Thank you for a prayer

God bless!

John W

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