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April 10,  2012                      Daily Blog                  John W                   Previous 2012 blogs

Dear Friends

Yesterday in HK I attended the funeral Mass of Petrina (aged 8 next month).
She died March 27 having been brain dead for more than a month - after contracting a fever

The Mass was really beautiful - as were the tributes to Petrina after Mass

Petrina's father is a guard at a HK Detention Centre.
Several dozen of his colleagues attended the Mass - a powerful support group

I did not concelebrate the Mass. 
I sat in the back seat with Pastor Paul Hui, a young ordained Assemblies of God minister.
He came by himself to the church. His first time to the church. 
Paul  is a fellow prison chaplain. 
He very kindly visited Petrina many times in hospital, praying for her recovery.
Today he shared with me how at one stage he fasted for three days to pray for Petrina.
He shared too that many AG groups in HK had been praying for Petrina - at his request.

In his own church Paul has a Communion Service. He believes in the Eucharist.
Today he accepted my invitation to receive Communion. 
We went up together. 

Many thanks to kind readers of this website for all your prayers for Petrina.
Prayer is never wasted - even when we don't see the immediate results.
All those prayers went into a bank account that will help someone somewhere some day

Still on prayer: as you might know from reading my former weekly diary over the years,
I try to pray for one province/city/area of
China each day of the month.
There are 31 such administration areas - and 31 days most months.
Hope you can join me in this campaign (...also the one at top of this page)

It's the  10th of the month, so we can pray: Jesus please bless the people of Hubei

My  Bible Plan for today = the readings of Easter Tuesday

Thank you for a prayer

God bless!

John W

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