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Dear Friends

Today in Australia and New Zealand is a public holiday to remember the soldiers who died in World War I at the Battle of Gallipoli in Turkey which began on April 25, 1915. The name "Anzac" comes from "Australian and New Zealand Army Corps".

The battle itself was a big defeat for the "Allies" and a major victory for the Turks. But the battle became a symbol in Australia and New Zealand for bravery and courage. About 60,000 Australian soldiers and 18,000 New Zealand soldiers died in World War I.  More Australian soldiers died in WWI than American soldiers - such was Australia's commitment to support Britain in its war against Germany.

Anzac Day is now a day to remember all the Australian and New Zealand soldiers who died in all wars, especially WWI and WWII.   In Australia and New Zealand today, there will be ceremonies to remember the dead, and to pray for peace.

Many people now regard WWI as having been a great mistake which in turn led to WWII. Many people are very critical of the way leaders committed their countries to war. In his book "The Age of Consent", George Monbiot (who writes for the Guardian newspaper in the UK) says "In the First World War, a few dozen aristocrats sent eight million men to die in the name of nationhood". He also laments the fact that "since the end of WWII, about 30,000,000 people have been killed in armed conflicts. Most of them were civilians".

Monbiot's point is that war is not the way to solve problems. May the human family find other ways to avoid future conflicts.

My Dad a pall-bearer in Tobruk cemetery October 20, 1941

Dad's poem "Sleeping Heroes of Tobruk"

Dad's letter from Tobruk October 17, 1941

Yesterday on metro to Lai Chi Kok Detention Centre, I saw two "foreign" men....speaking a language I didn't recognise....I asked one of them "where are you from"...."Turkey" he replied.  I said "Tomorrow is Anzac Day"...."yes I great uncle died in battle of Gallipoli"!  I said I was from Australia...and also had a great uncle who died in WWI". We shook hands and wished each other well. May Turkey and Australia never ever go to war again! 

 (no. of times I've met a Turkish man in HK in 27 years ...could be counted on fingers of one hand...!)


On this 25th of the month, Jesus please bless the people of Ningxia
(Please join me in praying for one part of China each day of the month)

My  Bible Plan for today = Readings for Feast of St Mark (who wrote one of the Gospels)

Thank you for a prayer

God bless!

John W

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