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Jesus, today please bless the people of Africa

 Sunday April 29,  2012                      Daily Blog                  John W                   Previous 2012 blogs


Dear Friends

If I was in Ireland today
I'd be going to the silent protest in Dublin - outside the Vatican "embassy".
See these reports on today's menu: April 29: vigil for silenced priests         Update re April 29 Irish vigil

This time last year it was Bishop Bill Morris in Australia who was unjustly forced to resign,
two weeks ago it was the Irish priests in the firing line.
Last week it was the nuns in USA

Next week/year it will be ....?

What do we feel/say about these issues?
- "nothing to do with me"?
- "serves them right"?
- "nothing I can do about it"?

But there are three things we can do:
1. Stay informed.  Make the time to follow what's happening.
2. Help others to be/stay informed. In a non-threatening way, encourage others to follow what's going on.
3. Pray....for justice re the above issues...for a change of mindset/personnel at the Vatican
......for the Church being harmed by such injustice

One thing I've been doing the past few years


On this 29th of the month, Jesus please bless the people of Chongqing 
(Please join me in praying for one part of China each day of the month)

My  Bible Plan for today = the readings for the Fourth Sunday of Easter

Thank you for a prayer

God bless!

John W

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