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                                       LUMEN GENTIUM
, 1964 


Mary's importance is 100% from Jesus,
just like the moon's beauty is 100% from the sun

And just as the moon reflects the sun's light to earth,
so Mary reflects her Son's love to the human family

When Jesus on the cross said to John "this is your mother"
he was talking to all of us.
All people, especially all Christians,
are spiritual children of Mary

Mary in Heaven is still our spiritual mother.
We can pray to her for help,
just as we can ask all the saints in Heaven for help

To spell it out for the sake of people who still claim that "Catholics worship Mary":
No. Not true. Catholics honor, not worship Mary.
This is a very big issue in Asia, where the idea that "Catholics worship Mary" continues, unfortunately,
to be propagated by some other denominations

Unfortunately in the previous couple of centuries,
in the life of many common people,
more prayer was made to Mary than to Jesus.
And as one famous Marian scholar has said,
"Mary took the place of the Holy Spirit".

Vatican II now wants everyone to be clear about the role of Mary.
Her role is that of the moon, not that of the sun.
This is what Mary herself would say if we could ask her.

A bishop once wisely said
"I now pray more with Mary than to Mary"

Jesus and Mary, be the sun and moon in my spiritual life!


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