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Dec 17: Obedient Benedict? 
As an English teacher I notice that  "obedient" and "benedict" have seven out of eight letters in common. I also notice that Benedict says one thing about obedience, but does another.
By his condemnation of Vatican II, Benedict XVI is not obedient to the magisterium. What do you think?
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Dec 3: Of concern to us all: the hard drug world   
As usual, for every issue, the first step is prayer....keep this issue in our prayers...With a usual second step: stay informed ...make the effort to follow this issue in the media....and help others do the same

Dec 1: True story from Mexico   Reason for kidnapping was not greed but hunger

Nov 30: Book review The Homeless Bishop  by Joseph Girzone
This is a simple book with a profound message. It shows what the Church could be like, with more leaders like Carlo. May this lovely book be an inspiration to all who hope and pray for the Church once again to be the medium and not the Message. Book quotes Cardinal Ratzinger: "The church speaks too much about structures. It needs to speak more about God". Book says "The countries of Europe have turned secular mostly because the people are tired of hearing about church. They hunger for spirituality and intimacy with God, and all we give them is church. Carlo was determined to make Jesus real again for the people, knowing from experience that when he preached Jesus, it changed their lives"

Nov 30: Mini-reflection:
Last thing at night, after I upload this site's menu for the next day,  I like to briefly look at something to take my mind off all the bad news stuff. During the Australian football season, I check some football news. Lately, in the off-season, I've been checking Joshua Mountain...Joseph Girzone's daily blogs. They are so beautiful.
May I recommend this practice as a way for the computer to let Jesus have the last say each night

Nov 19: The New Translation
The file explains why I am declining to use the new translation when the Vat forces its use in HK on Dec 2. From Dec 2  I will no longer be saying  English public Masses, only Chinese public Masses.  HK diocese recently led the way in refusing to use "National Education" because it was bad for students. I am declining to use the new translation because it is bad for Catholics. Of the Catholics  who attend English Mass in HK,  very few have English as their first language. The ghastly English of the new translation will make it much more difficult for HK Catholics to follow the Mass. The new translation is an obstacle to prayer. In the way it was conjured up, and in the damage it is doing in the English-speaking world, the new translation is a betrayal of the vision of Vat II

Nov 17: The link between compulsory celibacy and sexual abuse
A new file   
Common sense says there is a link, in which case compulsory celibacy must be re-assessed. 
If the Vatican  continues to regard this as a no-go topic, 
governments around the world will have the unpleasant task of forcing a re-assessment

Nov 16: China's new Curia 
After years of "reform of the reform" maybe it's now back to the vision of  Deng Xiaoping XXIII?!

Nov 12: Good news story: A "homeless bishop" experience

Nov 10: China getting new leaders 
Nov 8: Book Review
Eric Liddell  - Something Greater Than Gold
by Janet & Geoff Benge
Inspiring story of 1924 Paris Olympic Games medalist who had the world at his feet but went to war-ravaged China as a missionary

Nov 7: Speaking the truth to bullies Scriptural support for Fr Brian D'Arcy

Nov 5: The dumbing down of society
It's now more and more common, in any group of people  - a family gathering, a few friends getting together, even a group of
priests/religious - that people observe an unspoken law: don't discuss anything serious. Stick to topics like food, travel, sport, entertainment etc

Nov 2: Book Review 
Frederick, The Life of My Missionary Grandfather in Manchuria,
By Mark O'Neill of BBC, Reuters and SCMP
Frederick O'Neill, an Irish Presbyterian missionary, lived for 45 years in  northeast China. He witnessed and reported the Boxer Rebellion, the Great Manchurian Plague, the overthrow of the Qing dynasty, and the Japanese invasion. He also served with the China Labour Corps in WWI

Oct 24: Will Synod bite clericalism bullet?
Vic inquiry & Synod: same Church?

Oct 22:  List of good political leaders  (Anyone like to add a name?)
"It is not power that corrupts,  but fear. Fear of losing power corrupts those who wield it"

Oct 20: The beginning of all reform  must be in ourselves 
Internal  B4 outward 

Oct 15: Reflections on the Synod

Oct 12: Censorship & control of Synods

Oct 10: Elephant in the room: homosexuality in priesthood  and religious life

Oct 4: Unhappy  Feet  
Comment on the 86% (Aust) and 70% (Bavaria) who've left Church

Sep 23: Diocesan paper's bold re-structuring plan    
Editor looking forward to far greater readership

Sep 22: Remembering Jesus: Matthew Jesus    
Linking daily readings & daily life

Sep 22: Reflections on Buddhism
For Matteo Ricci, who lived in China for 27 years,  Confucianism was most admirable and promoted family and social values; but Buddhism, although it was practised by many sincere and good people, was a restricting and negative force

Sep 21: October Synod - no lay people or nuns or brothers 

Sep 15: Remembering Jesus:  Using the name "Jesus"
In court, in argument situation, in rough talk situation: use the name "Jesus" for a download of help

Sep 14:   56 too old to be a deacon ...but 86 ok to be pope 

Sep 13: Side of the road - 2 true stories
Spot the difference

Sep 8: God Calling & God at Eventide  Full texts now on internet
"Face your responsibilities. What is wrong in your country, its statesmen, its laws, its people? Think out quietly, and make these matters your prayer matters. You will see lives you never touch altered, laws made at your request, evils banished.

Yes! Live in a large sense. Live to serve and to save. You may never go beyond one room, and yet you may become one of the most powerful forces for good in your country, in the world"

- God Calling, Aug 12

Sep 3: Standing up to bullies, in society and in the Church
HK people & "Tank Man"  show  how to stand up to bullies

Sep 1: The Word became flesh  and so did we!

Aug 31: Generation E    
How can we stand against the dumbing down of society?

Aug 25: Remembering Jesus:  Prayer of prisoner in courtroom
Used by Hong Kong inmates

Aug 17: Navigation aids: Scripture and the poor
How to keep sailing the course mapped out by Vatican II,  despite extreme winds from Left and Right

August 15: Assumption reflection  
Vatican II encourages a healthy love for the mother of Jesus

Aug 11:  A ( new?) way of understanding  "Gone home to Heaven"

Aug 4: "Where do you stand on the issue of same-sex marriage?"
In reply to this comment:  
I guess I would like to know how you feel about same-sex marriage, 
if you put that in the category of "anything goes" or if you think there is room for dialogue and acceptance on this? I am a straight woman, married 25 years, but have come, over time to support, strongly, the idea that the dedicated, loving relationships of gay people are worthy of honor and dignity. I've appreciated your website, but would appreciate knowing where you stand on this.
(Comment at bottom of yesterday's article: Where is the middle of the road in today's Church?)

Aug 3: Where is the middle of the road in today's Church?
Who or what or where  is the middle of the road these days?

Aug 2: Book Review To Heaven and Back by Mary C Neal MD
A US doctor's extraordinary  account of her death, Heaven,  angels and life again. A true story

July 27: Church is too Western/European 
Articles calling for the Church to be less Western/European 

July 7: The obfuscation of Vatican II
As the Vatican intensifies its effort to uncelebrate (sic) the 50th anniversary of Vat II, what can we do?

June 27:  The evil of compulsory celibacy

June 25   Book Review  
Mary Laven:
Mission to China - Matteo Ricci and the Jesuit Encounter with the East
(Faber & Faber, 2011)

May 9:  Letter from Pope

Feb 29: Alternative medicine/church   (see: Church needs total reform Bishop Pat Power)

Feb 24: Ash Sunday? - please comment!

Feb 16: Pray for pope/cards Feb 17-18

Feb 13: Arab Spring - Chinese Winter

Feb 10: News items

Feb 4: Benedict 16 - Communion -only on a kneeling tongue

Feb 1: Taking a stand for Vatican 2  (updated April 10)

Jan 26: Plane prayer

Jan 23: "For all" + Fr Ratzinger in coat & tie

Jan 22: Bp Morris & Cath media

Jan 21: This website's official launch

Jan 19: World Poverty

Jan 17: V2 = CCC?

Jan 13: Teilhard and Divinisation

Jan 10: Computer cud

Jan 10: Pope will resign?

Jan 8: Choosing the next pope

Jan 5: I'm passionate about...

Jan 5: Harmonious society

Jan 7: 22 new cardinals

Jan 4: End game: a 4 letter word

Jan 1: New Year Resolution