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Links - see especially photos (1995-2001) - in Chinese (Traditional & Simplified), English, Hindi, Indonesian, Spanish, Swahili, Tagalog, Thai, Urdu, Vietnamese - full text of inspiring 16 page booklet - see especially Photos (1960s to the present)  The work of HK volunteer Janny Law in Malawi - helping HK's homeless people - see especially Ming Pao articles


China Library - essential reading for anyone interested in China's Christian history 

The Cross  (moving DVD about Christianity in China)

AITECE - internaional organization for teaching English in China

Prisoners         Oxfam       FairTrade        MSF            School of Evangelization

Vatican II: 16 Documents of Vatican II

This website's  Reflections on the 16 documents  of Vatican II


You Raise Me Up

The Juggler

Bob Welsh - My Christmas Eve

 A Tale of Two Brains

The Story of Jonah as Told by The Cutest Little Girl
(gets even better as it goes along)

YouTube from KLM!

North Africa refugee boat - Link
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Abortion Survivorís Letter
 to the Abortionist

Tribalism lives on, 
for better and for worse

Video: Sydney Peace Prize Lecture by Julian Burnside  

It's a blessed cancer life

North Africa refugee boat - Link
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Abortion Survivorís Letter  to the Abortionist

Be careful of junk reading re Pope:  HK Chancery report in English  Chancery report in Chinese

The unjust treatment
 of Bishop Bill Morris

Hans KŁng:  Letter to bishops  

Revolution to stop authoritarianism 

Fr Joseph Ratzinger: 
Writings on Vat II 

Robert Mickens:
Vatican Implosion

Nicholas Lash:     Vatican II: 
Of Happy Memory - and Hope?

Robert McNally:  
Crisis & Criticism in the Church 

Priests 9 Masses a day
 - need to ordain married men

Why are women not being
 ordained to priesthood?

A Call to Action
Bp Pat Power
Bp Geoff Robinson
Bruce Duncan
Catalyst for Renewal
Catholics for Ministry  
Catholics for Renewal 
The Swag
VII - Voice of the Church

We Are Church

Excellent articles on Mission
  Hugh McMahon SSC

Imposter Priests - refusing to pass on the teaching of Francis' The Joy of the Gospel



Why I collect rubbish for Pope

Taking a stand

Navigation Aids      

  Standing up to bullies

"Reform of reform" agenda

Too Western/European 

Abortion - a true story

The evil of compulsory celibacy

Link between compulsory celibacy
 and sexual abuse

Near Death Experiences

Daniel Wallace - The Basics of New Testament Textual Criticism - YouTube

Globalisation of Indifference

The Deep History Behind Trumpís Rise

Tribalism lives on, 
for better and for worse


My Islam File

Political leaders who live(d) a simple life style and care(d) for the poor

HK Democracy File - essential reading

HK Asylum Seekers File

IS (ISIS) File - Essential Reading

Gaza File - essential reading


1998 ICEL Sacramentary

Misguided Missal

The new translation
Ghastly process/result

Ron Schmit:
 1962 Mass a condemnation of Vat II


 Sacred Space  Daily prayer online.
Available in 19 languages
Daily prayer with beautiful music

Whole text of 1966 Jerusalem Bible

The Last Supper -  Bohdan Piasecki 
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(click to enlarge)

The Lord's Day (Pope John Paul II)

How can we stop the anger, end the fear?  



Pope Francis:
Thank you Holy Spirit

Inspiring photos:

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Newness, harmony, mission

Engagements of Pope Francis - reports from Rome